• Internet of Things (IoTA)

    Do you know what your customers are doing right now? Most manufacturers know more about casual visitors to their website than about customers using their products. What if you could have all of that information for your Internet of Things products? What if... Read More
  • Willard Tu on IoT Touchpoints in DAC Keynote

    ARM's Will Tu describes Motomic's touchpoint solution in his keynote at the Design Automation Conference. "...going to change the way business is done..."

    Read More
  • Turn Products into Touchpoints

    How many times does Marketing get to touch a customer? For embedded products, typically it is only every few years. When a customers product breaks, the customer goes to the brands website and looks for a new one. But think about the opportunity that marketing is missing ... Read More
  • Digital Window Sticker

    Auto buyers are spending increasing amounts of time on-line, consulting an increasing number of sources and arriving at dealers with greater knowledge and preparation. More and more buyers are choosing which dealer to visit based on their online search. In addition, a growing number of prospective buyers are a younger, online-aware generation... Read More
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